TOP 8 spots for JetSurfing in North America

Are you a JetSurf fan? Do you want to try it out? Do you own a JetSurf? Are you looking for the best JetSurf spot? If you answered YES to any of these questions, than this article is for you! We’ve put together a list of TOP 8 best JetSurf places in the North America. The list was designed with a consideration of a several various factors such as: water conditions and surroundings, participating people and JetSurf community, allowance for 2 stroke engines PWC, overall atmosphere and vibe of the place.

Miami, FL   

The home of the JetSurf Academy and JetSurf Factory Shop. You will find crystal blue water with beautiful metropolitan surroundings. The skyscraper landscape creates an extra ordinary atmosphere. Miami is the main hub of JetSurfers in the US. There is a service center with a wide range of spare parts available and the team of professionals ready to help you with anything from the first JetSurf experience to the World Cup racing career.

Miami surfing


Orlando, FL

Orlando is home to the JetSurf Academy with amazing setting. The biggest advantage is the permanent race track, where anyone can ride and train. Right now it is one of two only permanent race tracks in the US, which makes Orlando a sweet spot for serious JetSurfers. There is an amazing team of friendly coaches, who will not hesitate to take you under their wing and accompany you on your JetSurf journey, whether it’s riding for fun or racing.


Austin, TX

The birth place of the first JetSurf school in the USA. Extremely convenient water conditions along side with the skills and motivation of a few JetSurf enthusiasts from Austin made room for a solid foundations of this sport. Riders of Austin were setting the example of teaching new riders even before the whole concept of the JetSurf Academy was developed and perfected by JetSurf USA.


Destin, FL

If you’re up for an absolutely unique JetSurf experience, we recommend trying out Destin, FL. The unexpected combination of mother nature and state of the art technology can enrich one’s life with an experience from a different world. How else would you describe Jetsurfing with dolphins? These intelligent creatures are by nature friendly and curious, which makes them the perfect companions for a nice afternoon JetSurf ride. The beauty of it is in it’s unpredictability, but if you want to increase your chances of Jetsurfing with the dolphins, Destin is definitely worth a shot.


Seattle, WA

With its vast water channels, hidden bays and beautiful lakes, Seattle makes the perfect place for Jetsurfing. You can find a convenient water area in no-time just a drive from the city center and if you, by coincidence, have a friend from Seattle who owns a yacht with a JetSurf on board, you can consider yourself very lucky. Seattle offers endless possibilities for riding, an amazing JetSurf community and breathtaking surroundings. What else can you ask for?



Bahamas – the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the JetSurf paradise. White sand, crystal clear water and the JetSurf. That’s a dream right? Actually, for many it’s a reality. Why not join them? Bahamas JetSurf Academy welcomes all sorts of riders, from the complete beginners without their own board, who wants to learn and embrace some guidance, to the advanced riders, who want to test their skills in local waters and meet other JetSurf people. Seriously, there is no other place like the Bahamas.


Cancun, Mexico

Lets take a little trip outside of USA and check out Cancun. This spot is 100% worth the journey. Miles and miles of stunning white beaches are perfect for JetSurfers! You can connect the trip with some high quality Mexican sight seeing, but even if you don’t, Jetsurfing in Cancun will make up for it. People are super chilled, water is warm like a morning tea and its not uncommon to meet a sea turtle, curiously checking you out.


Toronto, Canada

If you have a journey up to Canada, don’t miss out on Toronto! Perched on the shore of the great lake Ontario, this beautiful metropolis has a lot to offer. In the JetSurf base, you will find two of the most friendly and amazing people, Mark and Rihanna, who represent what the JetSurf community is really about. Clean water, stunning surroundings and positive vibe of this place will cherish you like nothing else.

So.. which one its gonna be? Check out boards HERE.

By Viktor Hanak water sports