Jetsurf Miami yacht show


The Jetsurf Factory has recently released the 2018 model lineup, bringing several modifications into the industry. Coming to the Miami Yacht Show, Jetsurf USA will be ready at booth # 55 to guide you through all the upgrades and designs that put Jetsurf in number one position on the world market.

Jetsurf enthusiasts will find some cool new modifications in the Factory GP and Race models this year. Come and see the first ever brushless starter implemented in a surfboard or the brand new EFI Model – The first ever two-stroke water craft with a direct fuel injection system. It’s not just inside the hull that boasts a significant difference. New 2018 hull designs have been released this year with an expansion of color options for both GP and Race models. Custom foot straps and board wraps are available to let you create your own board design.

New Board updates include:

  • New Timing Sensor
  • Brushless Starter
  • Riding Time Signalization
  • Improved ICU
  • Anti-Vibration Harness Holders
  • Race Titanium EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)

Research and development never stops at Jetsurf and two new concepts will be presented in Miami this year. The Jetsurf Electric Concept is the first Jetsurf model with a full electric power unit. With the Race model hull, the electric engine will ensure a smooth Jetsurf ride without any environmental impact.

  • Choose between an electric or combustion power source
  • Easy installation
  • Economical

The second concept to look out for is the Jetsurf HybridFoil. Why Hybrid? Picture of a fully removable engine kit with the combustion unit that can be switched to an electric unit used for foiling on the water – that’s why we HybridFoil.

Let’s take a look: 

  • Long endurance riding
  • Easy mobility
  • Quick engine transfers

Be sure to stop by the Jetsurf booth at the Miami Yacht Show to learn more about these exciting new advances.