JetSurf Annual pass

Enjoy JetSurfing all year long with an annual pass. Bring your board and safety gear and time yourself around the only permanent MotoSurf race track in the USA! Clermont Watersports Complex has gas to sell on site. Bring friends and family are not included in your annual pass to ride your board, but are encouraged to sit and relax on our lakefront beach and hammocks. Bring food and a cooler with drinks to enjoy all day long. Bathrooms are portable.
Open Thursdays-Sundays 9am-4pm.

Orlando, Florida
BYOB (Bring Your Own Board)
1 JetSurf Rider Per Pass
JetSurf Board
JetSurf Coaching is Extra
Safety JetSki on Site
Bring Snacks and Drinks

As a first time rider you'll get personal one on one training from our lead instructor who will ensure you have a great time and successfully get on your feet and jetsurfing! We suggest you come ready to hit the water. We'll provide each rider a helmet, goggles and a life vest. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the hottest and fastest growing new global water sport.