30 min JetSurf Electric Demo

The long-awaited opportunity to test the newest and fastest electric motorized surfboard is right here in sunny Clermont, Florida. Enjoy a 15 minute briefing and up to 30 minutes of pure thrill and fun on JetSurf Electric.

Orlando, Florida
30 minutes
1 trainer
1 JetSurf rider
JetSurf Electric board
JetSurf Coaching
Safety JetSki
Snack and drink

As a first time rider you'll get personal one on one training from our lead instructor who will ensure you have a great time and successfully get on your feet and jetsurfing! We suggest you come ready to hit the water. We'll provide each rider a helmet, goggles and a life vest. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the hottest and fastest growing new global water sport.