New Jetsurf Boards for Sale

At Jetsurf Academy Orlando, we are an authorized Jetsurf dealer, which means we also have the best service technicians in the country on staff. You’ll want to try out our boards first to see how Jetsurfing can be exhilarating and easy to learn!

Jetsurf Adventure Board

Think of the Adventure DFI board as a real all-rounder. Fast, agile, fuel efficient, and durable. But thanks to its improved stability on the water, the double-bindings setup and its speed governor, this board is the perfect choice for watersports enthusiasts. What’s the best part? With the intake screen, the optional rack and external fuel tank, you can immediately take off for long adventurous journeys.

Jetsurf Board Orlando Adventure Board

Jetsurf Adventure Plus Board

Fill the tanks, pack the duffel, pick a point on a map, and hit the water. The JETSURF Adventure DFI PLUS is engineered to cross long-distance and challenging bodies of water with its unmatched ability and stunning performance.

The World’s only fuel injection motorized surfboard is equipped with an alternator that pushes the limits of long-distance riding. The combination of comfortable pads, straps, bumpers, intake screen, and its airplane check on ability leaves us saying only one things – Uncharted territory beware! The Adventure DFI PLUS is primed and ready to discover the world’s best water gems.

Jetsurf Board Orlando Adventure Plus Board

Jetsurf Cruiser Board

We have dreamed of a board that would be fast & agile, but at the same time suitable for long cruising. A board that could be easily shared between Goofy foot riders and Regular foot riders, between tiny kids and tall adults. A board that would not have to be charged in between long-distance cruises. So we made this dream a reality! Discover the world of long-distance cruising on your own!

Jetsurf Race Board

The JETSURF Race DFI is the ultimate combination of power, rideability, and sets a benchmark for intuitive handling and top performance. Thanks to its modern two-stroke fuel injection technology, this performance-oriented board offers excellent fuel efficiency, easy maintenance, and low emissions for the everyday rider.

In addition to this board’s reliable engine and plush pads, the RACE DFI board features an agile, lightweight carbon fiber hull. The whole craft was created with notes from our factory riders, which in hindsight returns the favor by offering outstanding rider performance.

Jetsurf Board Orlando Race Board

Jetsurf Titanium Board

Featuring the brutal power of the fuel injection two-stroke engine combined with a titanium exhaust, sitting at the very top of the motorized surfboard food chain, the JetSurf Titanium DFI is the only one of its kind.

The 2022 model has been completely redesigned to challenge what is possible of the Motosurf Race Track. This UIM certified, closed-course competition board was engineered with a single goal in mind: to maintain the JETSURF dominance on the starting grid. Forever.

ts new hull shape compliments the adjustable fin toe that offers a multitude of settings for rider customization and various water surfaces. The new and improved Titanium DFI calls attention to the jet pump tunnel’s carbon fiber winglet that produces extra downforce; this trademark increases water flow for higher performance making this board ready to win!

Jetsurf Board Orlando Titanium

Jetsurf Electric Board

Rooted in the strong background of performance-oriented fuel-powered boards, combined with the next generation lithium batteries, the JETSURF Electric takes the best of both worlds as it is the combination of next generation lithium batteries. Our JETSURF Electric is the global bestseller on the electric surfboard market. It presents a top-notch maneuverability, immersive top speed and riding time, spiced with the beautiful bliss sound of silence.

Advanced safety features, convenient plug-in battery, 3 riding modes, FCS fins, and the absence of fuel makes it the #1 Choice for all yacht owners and pristine mountain lake fans.